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3D Printed Pegs

3d Printed Game Pegs for Fast Track / Aggravation or any board game with a 3/16 diameter hole,  minimum .55"deep. Pegs are sold individually (1) @$0.75 cents each, so you can order as many of each color as needed per you game's requirements.


***At Check-out put in your total peg qty and then leave a note of which colors and how many of each.  Example for total of 24 Pegs: (Note: 4x blue, 4x red, 4x yellow, 4x orange, 4x green, 4x purple)***


These pegs consist of a 3d printed plastic outer shell and an inner metal shaft / peg that goes into the board. They have some weight and strength to them (In case of energetic play, and the pegs get tossed around a bit). Color won't rub or scratch off like painted pegs will do.

- Qty of 1 = 1 peg. (Example, if you need 4 red pegs, order a qty of 4)

Material Specifics:
Peg total height: Approx 1.5"
Peg Top (3d printed Plastic): Aprox 1' tall (Part of peg above the board)
Peg Shank (Metal): 3/16" Dia x .55"lg (Part that goes into the board)

3D Printed Pegs

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