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Game Variation:


ConPeg 1a.jpg

Use of the ConPEG

If you want to add some additional drama to your friendly game of fast track feel free to incorporate this ConPEG into your game. 


  • WARNING: The ConPEG should only be used by experienced players, as extreme frustration could occur if still trying to learn the basic game at the same time as incorporating the ConPEG.



  • The ConPEG starts in the bullseye (center hole) of the game board at the beginning of a new game. The ConPEG is only activated if a player's peg ends its turn on the ConPEG. When you land on it, you now have the power to do some good for yourself / your team or inflict damage on your opponents. Once activated the ConPEG can be placed anywhere on the board except for a pegs home or starting place. 

  • Option 1: You can land the ConPEG on one of your own or your partners pegs in play and send that peg to any available spot in its home.


  • Option 2: You can land the ConPEG on any of your opponents pegs that are in play and send them back to their starting place.


  • Option 3: You can land the ConPEG in a strategic place where you know you or your partner can easily land on it for use another time. 


  • Note: If you are splitting a 7 to land on the ConPEG, the peg used on the first half of the 7 is an acceptable target of the ConPEG when used for the second half of the seven.

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ConPeg 1a.jpg
ConPeg 2.jpg
Fast Track
Starting Places
Get Out Spot
Home Base Row


Click to download a PDF version of the written instructions.

Click to download a PDF version of the written instructions.

Click to download the game board photo reference.

Click to download the card value visual guide. Good for newbies to have pulled up on iPad or phone to reference during game play.

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