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Object of the Game

To be the first player to move all of their pegs from the Starting Places into the Home Base Row of the appropriate color.


The Setup and Deal

Each player should choose a color and place their 4 pegs matching that color in their Starting Places. Each player should obtain a full deck of cards (including jokers) then shuffle and cut it to show a card from the middle. Whoever shows the highest card plays first (Joker high, King, Queen, etc. and Ace low - in case of a tie, players with equal cards cut again). Each player places their deck face down. The player who drew the highest card plays first by turning one card from the top of the deck to initiate game play.


The Play

  • Players take turns clockwise around the table. You must begin your turn by playing a card from the top of your deck which is face down.

  • You must move a peg along the main track according to the value of the card (see Card Value Guide below).

  • If you do not draw an “out card” within 4 turns, you can come out on the 4th draw, as long as you do not have a movable peg on the board or in the center hole.

  • If the card was a "play again" card (an Ace, Joker, King, Queen, Jack or Six), you must play another card and move again according to its value.

  • You cannot land on or pass your own peg.

  • If you land on an opponents peg, they are sent back to their Starting Place.

  • If you draw a card and are unable to move any pegs, it is considered a “No Play” and it is the next player’s turn.

  • If the game goes on so long that your face down deck runs out, you shuffle the pile of cards you have played and place it face down to form a new face down deck to draw from.


Fast Track and Bullseye

  • The Fast Track is available as a shortcut. You need to declare “FAST TRACK” when you land on it - if you want to use it. A peg that ends a move on the Fast Track may then move from space to space clockwise around the Fast Track until it reaches the Fast Track space of its own color, at which point it continues along the Main Track towards its Home Base Row. If you do not use Fast Track on your next move you lose it and you continue around the board.

  • To use the Bullseye/Center Hole you must end a move in the center hole. To exit the center hole you need to draw a face card. Once a face card has been drawn, you can move your peg to any black Fast Track hole then continue along the main track. (You do NOT have a Fast Track once coming out of the Bullseye/Center Hole.


Getting into Home Base Row

  • The Home Base Row may only be entered using a forward movement card.

  • A peg moving forwards is not allowed to pass the entrance to the Home Base Row and continue along the Main Track.

  • If the card you play is too large for your peg to enter its Home Base Row and you have no other peg that can be moved using that card, then the turn is considered a “No Play”.


Playing Partners

  • Determine who is partners at the start of the game.

  • When all of a players pegs are in home - they will move their partner's pegs.

  • If you land on a partner’s peg, you move their peg to the hole before their Home Base Row.  

  • If a player draws a 7, they can use it to move their last peg in home (if applicable) & use the rest to move their partner’s pegs.



  • Modular Fast Track can be expedited when playing with two or three players by removing the unused player boards.

  • Joker moves 1 space backwards, or one space forward.



Note: There is no wrong way to play the game, players can choose to modify the rules to their liking.


Fast Track
Starting Places
Get Out Spot
Home Base Row


Click to download a PDF version of the written instructions.

Click to download the game board photo reference.

Card Guide Image.JPG

Click to download the card value visual guide. Good for newbies to have pulled up on iPad or phone to reference during game play.


Make your own training cards! Print out this page on a blank page of 33 address labels then stick them on a deck of cards. Makes it very easy for new players to get the hang of the game quickly,

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